23. 5. 2018
Road and Motorway Directorate launches south-east Otrokovice bypass on D55 motorway.


  • Road and Motorway Directorate launches south-east Otrokovice bypass on D55 motorway.

    3. 8. 2018
    Road and Motorway Directorate launches south-east Otrokovice bypass on D55 motorway.


The construction of the "D55 Otrokovice, SE bypass" is part of the planned extension of the D55 motorway, which will lead northbound towards Hulín - where it will join D1 and D49 in a major motorway junction.

Due to the forecasted increase in traffic on the I/55 road, it is planned that the main carriageway and its ancillary structures, that will allow connection to the existing I / 55 road, will be completed and operational before the completion of other building structures.

The construction site is located within the areas of Napajedla, Pohořelice u Napajedel and Kvítkovice near Otrokovice. To the north, the SE bypass will join the completed construction of "D55 Otrokovice, NE bypass", the route will continue south of Kvítkovice village and it will end north of Napajedla town, before the Morava river. A planned southbound D55 Napajedla-Babice construction will join the southeast bypass.

It is a new motorway of category D 25.5/120, arranged as a dual carriageway. A part of the construction is the Napajedla junction and the service ramps for the future SSÚRS. The total length of the construction is 3140 m.

The main route of the D55 SE Otrokovice bypass starts about 150 meters after the future new bridge across the Morava river. The orientation of the new motorway is offset from the existing I/55 road to the right in such a way that the construction at the beginning of the section does not interfere with the profile of this road. At the opposite end, the new bypass is connected to the completed D55 Otrokovice NE bypass at the 3 140th km.

The D55 motorway project of 5505 Otrokovice SE bypass joins the already completed northeast bypass and thus forms a part of the Otrokovice bypass which will eliminate all transit traffic from the urban area.

The current traffic load on the I/55 carriageway is one of the worst within the Czech roadway network. The completion of this construction will result in removal of transit traffic from the transit section of the town of Otrokovice, which will lead to a significant reduction in emissions and traffic noise and thus to a significant improvement of the environment in Otrokovice.


The schedule has been updated as of 8. 10. 2018

On 5th November 2013 a building permit was issued for three ancillary structures which established the validity of the territorial decision. At the end of 2016, the Ministry of the Environment issued a binding EIA statement pursuant to Section 23a of Act No. 100/2001 Coll. To obtain the building permit for the main route an exemption from the protected animals act needed to be gained. All the land needed for the construction has been in the ownership of the state since the beginning of April 2018.

The Ministry of Transport issued a building permit on 24th May 2018. The construction should start in 2018. The tender process for the contractor has been completed. The fieldwork of the Leading Archaeological Survey was completed in June 2018. A rescue archaeological survey is now under way. The best offer was made by EUROVIA CS, a.s. - CZK 708 864 764 ex VAT. The construction contract was signed on 14th August 2018. The construction was inaugurated on 3rd October 2018.

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EIA: Opinion of the EIA • ZP: Approval of the project aim • UR: Release territorial planning decision • SP: Issuing of building permit • VZ: Tender results declaration • ZS: Start of construction • UP: Commissioning
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